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Bringing health & wellbeing services to your offices ~ Improve staff health, inclusivity, and happiness!

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Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. 
-John F. Kennedy

Health Services

Ergonomics workshop

Massage therapy

Exercise classes

Yoga classes

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Success doesn’t make you happy so much as happiness makes you more successful - Inc magazine


Relaxation exercises

Yoga at work

Reiki + energy management

Team Building Activities

Happiness questionnaires

Activity suggestion boxes

Creative activity suggestions

Online classes

By using our services, your organisation will benefit from the expertise of highly qualified professionals - ensuring your staff are healthy, reassured, and well-informed.

We offer on-site ergonomics seminars, strength & stretch tips for desk-related health problems, as well as individual work station assessments.  Online and on site classes now available!

Teaming together with mindfulness professionals, we aim to help your staff feel at their best, and to learn how to manage their own energy and stress levels so that they can feel and BE their very best at work, and throughout their lives.

We help you identify and improve issues within your work place. These can be as broad as physical activity levels, mental wellbeing, stress management, gender equality, work station comfort, or just ideas of social clubs and health-conscious team building activities. Let us offer an external eye and provide expertise to assist in a positive and actionable way.


Positive Culture

Corporate Events

Team building day trips

Education in nutrition

Motivation initiatives 

Success doesn’t make you happy so much as happiness makes you more successful. - Inc. magazine


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Offsite team building: help people come together outside of work, and they’ll make a stronger team beyond the 9-5.

From yoga and exercise classes, to dance sessions, trivia nights & camping trips, everyone will appreciate these respites.


Trips into nature offer different platforms from which to communicate, learn, and examine your company ethos and motivations together. This inspires creativity and also support systems and feeling valued.


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"Liz's massage service is a great benefit to have. Her regular visits to our offices are always in high demand and booked out well in advance!"

"We found Liz's seminar on the physical impact of office working incredibly helpful and illuminating. We would highly recommend it to anyone to understand how to counteract the physical effect of working at a desk." ~ David, DRS