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Liz Marsland holds her BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences from Bham uni, 2003. Having lived in Malta when young, and experienced adventure summer camps in Europe as a teen, she has tried to explore and adapt her own lifestyle and training routines to always include a variety of outdoors and travel, with every day gym and playful routines, such as CrossFit.  Having taught English in South Korea for a few years and loved the hiking and adventures to be had there; she helped coach teenagers of all ages in the Swiss mountains on an adventure camp, and then onto an International School, where she could help the students become more active, and even took them on en excursion to Thailand, in 2009. Later that year, she took the opportunity shed been dreaming of, to move to South Africa, in time for the World Cup 2010. Starting as an activity coordinator in a Lodge there, she met with the CEO of PlayBall, to be directed on how to make an impact to the communities through sports development and coaching. This took her to Cape Town.  After spending 6 months working in townships, volunteering, and also privately coaching sports, she also took her PT diploma and began a massage course. Work opportunities took her to Johannesburg, where she was based for 6 years.

During this time, Liz took every opportunity she could to assist on hiking trips to the Drakensberg, gained experience in Corporate wellbeing programmes, via coaching lunch time classes, offering massage services at FNB and RMB, also for visiting rugby teams such as the All Blacks, Reds, Leinster, Argentina, and more.  From 2013-20138 Liz was working as a freelance trainer and massage therapist with triathletes, cyclists, on cycle tours, in main stream gyms, and also developed as a CrossFit trainer, and competitive athlete.

This 5-6 years was incredibly valuable for learning a variety of training styles. Also for developing a wellbeing programme for companies to help with posture awareness and how to prevent pain and improve office lifestyles. Liz also suffered some serious injuries, and developed strength of character and further movement and rehabilitation knowledge, through muscle isolation courses, and her own rehabilitation.


Back in the UK since Jan 2018, Liz was working primarily in the city as a trainer and massage therapist for city workers. It is her passion to help companies continue to offer mindful, therapeutic, and educational sessions for teams of employees. She also enjoys assisting on cycle tours, adventure travel or fitness trips, and of course working with long term clients who want to better themselves in their sport (triathlons and CrossFit mainly), in their general fitness levels, and of course in their own confidence and being able to move without pain or risk of injury. This should be everyone's right and is a privilege to help clients with. Liz offers online programmes and assistance through her main brand LMFIT - where you can also book sessions online or in person, and subscribe to 4-12 week programmes for home trainng, and more.