Liz Marsland, BSc Sport & Exercise Science. Personal Trainer, CrossFit trainer, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher.  Liz began as a school sports coach in Switzerland, South Africa, England. Massage therapist to professional rugby players, athletes, and city workers. Personal Trainer, rehabilitation specialist, and Crossfit Level II Trainer since 2011.

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Secret Sunrise London - a dance and yoga movement, all the way from South Africa. Spreading fast in London's social scene, this amazing dance & connectivity initiative is a simple and wonderful way to bring groups of people together using music and guided fun dances, without any awkward forced team activities. Feeling free, individual, expressive, yet connected, is a great way to bring your staff together to have some fun.

Book Liz for your cycle tours or races. Hands on support for logistics and massage for your attendees! Best support for your team events.