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YOU CAN BE... happy and comfortable at work :)

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Would you like to feel more COMFORTABLE AT WORK?

Is it possible to be HEALTHIER in the work place?

Would you get more done without pain and a foggy head?

I am assuming the answer to these questions is - YES!

That is where I can come in. As a massage therapist and movement expert, I specialise in posture assessment and treatment. More than that, I endeavour to educate and empower my clients, so that they can make changes towards living a pain free life, and especially, live with more comfort over long hours at work.

HEALTH ISSUES AT WORK - Ergonomics training

As someone who has been studying clients from all walks of life since 2010 now, I see the same issues time and time again for stressed out office workers who experience mysterious aches and pains. I don’t believe people should be living in pain and discomfort for the sake of work, so it is my mission now to try to help people have the tips and knowledge to HELP THEMSELVES.

We all know posture is important. At work, even more so, as we spend so many hours at the desk, and add some tension or life pressure to that as well, and the postures tend to get worse.

At work, special attention needs to be paid to the position of their upper back and neck, as poor posture can lead to trigger points, muscle imbalances and lack of stability, which can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Shallow breathing and a hunched over position is also the same as a “fear” position of us humans. So to be more conscious of these small things, over the day, can make for much more oxygenated systems and joints, and therefore a healthier and happier individual! :)

- Vertebrae and disks need blood flow and oxygen delivered to them so MOVE every 20mins

- Encourage your company to get sit-stand desks

- Stretch the pectorals and shoulders to relieve the tension

- Chin poke: TUCK your chin in to relieve headaches

- Jaw tension: self massage and opening the mouth wide to help breathe and relax

- Breathe into the STOMACH

- Sing, run, walk, and BREATHE deeply as much as possible in your day!

- LAUGH: 1 minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours! 1 minute of anger suppresses the immune system for 4-5 hours.

- Ergonomics seminars: Enquire with me about coming in to your offices to give seminars and educational sessions on these matters. I can teach your staff on work station set up, exercises and stretches and other useful tips to create a happier and more creative environment at work!

Thank you!

Liz Marsland BSc has been working in therapy, exercise and rehabilitation in South Africa and the UK since 2010. With a background in Sports and Exercise Sciences and with helping athletes become stronger, she also noticed every client had postural issues that were definitely affected by their work and daily lifestyles. Liz joined the Light Centre in 2018, and her mission is to help people feel better on a daily basis, and relieve themselves of pain and discomfort to reach new goals in their lives and gain more balance!

Enquire now at: www.evolvingwellbeing.com